What We Do

We create tailor-made solutions for entrepreneurs that want to put the power of the Internet to their service.
We have extensive experience creating applications with the best technology in the business. Top Backend and Frontend Frameworks like Python, ReactJS and many other frameworks.
We work using Agile Methodologies, focusing on real agility and use our knowledge to improve any team work process. Our Project Managers assist and guide the team to meet deadlines and protect the project's budget.
It's no secret that your Google Analytics report is important. But to know how to choose meaningful metrics for your analysis will not only help you to know about your business but also to drive specific actions.
The web is mainly a means to convey information, to communicate, therefore our UX experts ensure that all our solutions are intuitive, easy to use and present key information right there where the user / visitor needs it.
Delivering your message to the right audience has never being easy than it is on the Internet era nevertheless doing it in an efficient manner with budget restrains is an art that our Online Marketing experts manage to perfection.
Email has been existing for over 45 years and email marketing is one of the most profitable marketing out there. We can help you setup email marketing campaigns, create templates and structure the information so you can reach people efficiently.
When you are starting up you want to do as many tasks as you can by yourself. With Content Management Systems keeping your website content updated is breeze. Our professionals will choose, install and configure the solution in a snap.
More than half of all searches done on Google are done via mobile device. These numbers speak to the fact that mobile, not desktop, is becoming the new status quo and we should adjust to that shift by designing first for that experience.
The future is now and it's called Blockchain. Through Bitcoin we can experience the advantages of this technology. Secured, transparent with faster and cheaper transactions. We can help you to integrate this technology into your business.

And much more! Let us know and we'll help you to achieve your projects!

About Our Services

Our managers are specialized in Agile Methodology. We like this philosophy to create applications, not because it’s “modern” but because we really experienced the benefits of being “Agile”, not as a brand, but as a way to be efficient with our time and your money, obtaining the best results.

Depending on the type of project, most of our works are tracked and managed using Atlassian JIRA and their whole group of tools. From Confluence to Jira to Sourcetree, Atlassian apps enable teamwork and we love that!
Asana is another tool that we used to work on smaller projects that requires more interaction and quick work.

We know how important is to keep the projects saved and tracked. Working with several engineers at the same time, on different modules of the same system, it is important to have control over the progress of the implementation, the ability to review code before it’s committed to our branch and also, to provide security that all the work is well saved.
We’re used to work all kind of GIT apps, specially with Bitbucket, GitHub and GiLab and more.

For us, the client is the owner of the project. As our client, you’ll have ownership over the daily results of our work. Source files, source code and documentation.

But also, we’ll take the project, the idea, the requirements and we’ll be owning the process of making that a reality. We think is important that every engineer, every PM, every type of assistance must be done with ownership and proactivity.

In any relationship is really important to be communicated and to connect. We focus on keeping our clients well informed about project’s status and progress.

Contact us

Drop us a line or give us a ring. We love to hear from you and are happy to answer any questions.